Here you find an overview which of my images are currently available as prints. They are divided into different categories: Poster, Series, Collage, Postcards and Fineart Print (The fineart prints are limited to a number of 10, numbered and signed). More detailed information can be found in the respective section. Shipping within Germany and the EU is possible, outside the EU on request.

If you are interested (or for further questions) please contact me via e-mail: nannimensch@gmx.de

Most of my images on this website (or on my social media presences) are available as posters.
They have a size of 40cm x 60cm (on request they can be printed smaller) and they are exposed on photographic paper. They are not numbered, not signed and not limited. Shipping preferably to Germany and EU (outside EU on request).
Price for one poster 50,- EUR + shipping costs.

Some examples of posters. Each is 40cm x 60cm: