Closed world. Inside. Emptiness.

I started this project many years ago without knowing it was (or would become) a project. It’s about the feeling of not being able to connect to the world around you. Isolated. Trapped in your own world. Feeling lost and at the same time sheltered and safe in this well-known loneliness.
To make this mood/feeling visible, I looked for a frame and found it in the idea of an old forgotten house. Somewhere off the beaten track. No one sees it, pays attention to it or visits it. But a woman lives in the house with her sister. Or maybe it is one and the same person. It doesn’t really make a difference. Both are trapped in this house and its reality. In its silence, cold and emptiness. Both are a reflection of their surroundings… and the reflection of each other. There is no longing… no look outside… no desire or attempt to break out….

Although I have had the project in mind for a long time and have started to work on it again and again, there are only a very few results so far. Often I don’t capture the mood I wanted to portray or I’m dissatisfied with the details… and I guess I’m also still looking for a really suitable setting and location…

Giving the project a place on this page is an attempt to make it a little more tangible for myself. A reminder and a little motivation not to forget and not to give it up….

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