A project that I have started several times in a similar form, then interrupted… and at some point so much time had passed that I didn’t manage to just pick up where I left off….
Nevertheless, I would like to present the current works and beginnings here. Want to explain what it’s all about… and want to give myself a basis to keep working on it. Either in the form of another completely new beginning. Or as a kind of continuation of my “Tile Wall” project (something like: “The Tile Wall – Part 3… After Marriage/Entering a new world”)…

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This was probably the first attempt at this project. I tried to enter a world that was detached from reality. To detach myself from myself. To create my own world, my own self… to accept it, to explore it…. Watching myself from the outside while discovering a world that emerges from within myself.
(Well, that was at least the thought and the intention… I didn’t pursue it for very long.)

That was another attempt. Again in search of lightness, light-heartedness. The attempt to find access to a world that stands above everyday life and its limits. To dive into the illusion of theatre or circus or something of that kind…
To be an actor who plays himself and in doing so he manages to overcome and constantly reinvent himself….

These pictures were taken while I was working on my “tile wall project”.
The basic idea of the project is as this: she wakes up in an unknown room, sees herself in the hands of an unknown power. She receives various treatments that shape and bend her… and prepare her for her wedding. Only when she is willing and able to completely give up her own will and she completely submits to the other power, the wedding will take place and she will enter a new world. A world in which her previous life is forgotten….where she is nothing but a doll… a child… a nothing – and at the same time completely free to be and to become anything. In this new world (or already on the way to it) she meets different beings and persons, variations of her self…. and anyone there can be anything. Without fear. Without limits. Without valuation.

A few more pictures that fit into the mood and intention of this project or represent another attempt to get closer to it…