This is another project I started without realising it was going to be a project. I just noticed that certain details and thoughts kept coming up over and over again. I seemed to be looking for something that I couldn’t completely grasp…. – so I tried to think about it and to understand the story:

There are three women with very different traits, but a very strong connection to each other. Maybe they are sisters, maybe friends, maybe even strangers. In any case, the connection between them has a meaning… they cannot exist without each other…
At the centre of their connection is the old cherry tree in the garden. Blossoming every spring, bearing cherries every summer, shedding its leaves every autumn… and waiting, sleeping every winter. And just as the tree must follow its nature, so must the three women. That is what unites them. That is what separates them. And that is what brings them together again and again.
The tree in the garden is a symbol of security and being at home. To have a home. A place to which one can always return. Warmth and familiarity. It is also a symbol for the connection between the three women. For the home they find in each other. And it is a symbol for nature as a whole – our inner nature… and the nature that surrounds us.

So far I have not found a clear structure to build the project on. Maybe there will be several parts or chapters… maybe several self-contained stories (“The Berries and the Crow”, “The bleeding stag in the snow”, “The Swans” could be other chapters, but so far they only exist in my imagination). Perhaps the story of the cherry tree is also just part of an overlying project (“Femininity”?). I don’t know yet… but I want to find out…

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[…when I took these photos, I didn’t know that they could be the beginning or part of a project. There are not more than two people in the pictures, but I always felt three…]

[One year later and I began to understand the story a little better….]

It has become autumn… No cherries, but berries… and no third woman. Would like to continue at this point… [Question to myself: is it necessary to see the third woman?]

Update march 2022:

Work on it is still chaotic (but going forward)
Images, thoughts and progress on the next pages.
Structure so far:

Part I – Innocence? Light-heartedness?
Part II – A kind of goodbye
Part III – Who they are. [Something red, something white and something from the night]
IIIa – Who you are?/ The woods/ “And the trees were calling her to come home….”
IIIb – Who you are/ The air and the water/ “And the swans were calling her to come home…”