Hier findest du alle neuen Bilder, die ich mache – d.h. ein paar Anfänge, Versuche sowie neue Bilder der verschiedenen Galerien und Projekte… gelegentlich vielleicht auch Bilder und Eindrücke aus meinem Alltag. Manchmal ein paar Gedanken. Oder alles, was sonst noch neu ist und mir gerade interessant, wichtig oder zumindest erwähnenswert scheint. Also nicht nur Bilder, sondern auch ein paar Worte. Zumindest bemühe ich mich darum. In einem vermutlich recht beliebigen Mix aus Englisch und Deutsch…// Here you will find all new pictures I have taken – i.e. a few beginnings, attempts as well as new pictures of the various galleries and projects… but occasionally also images and impressions from my everyday life. Sometimes a few thoughts maybe. Or anything else that is new and seems to be interesting, important or at least worth mentioning to me. So not only pictures, but also a few words. At least that’s what I try to do. In a probably rather chaotic mix of English and German…

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Just a little note: I will probably not post anything (or not that much) here on the blog in the next time. If anyone still wants to see what I’m up to, it will be mainly on my Tumblr.

Part II

While I was thinking about whether there should be a title or some kind of description for the pictures, I asked myself: If I were to call the first two pictures “Leaves”, would you see leaves? If I called them “missing leaves” would you see that the leaves are missing? And if I called them “funny green crocodile” or “Christmas joy” or “longing for a Yellow Umbrella” – would it matter?


The first two pictures of a new small, spontaneous series. Searching for a place to start to see where it leads me. Where it leads me to let myself fall into the moment and let it lead me further….
[Too tired to talk. Too tired to trust.]

And with autumn came the storms…. called for her, lured her into the woods. And the rowan proudly presented its beautiful red fruits… so familiar… she smiled at them with gently gratitude.
[It is said the rowan helps people to stay with themselves – it supports stability and confidence.]