In this gallery you can find an overview of my work on “Nanni” since 2014. The images are primarily about feelings and moods, moments and emotions. Sometimes as a conscious confrontation, mostly more of an engaging with the unconscious. Sometimes with a focus on extensive editing… sometimes with a focus on photography. But whether one way or another: making this images is an ongoing attempt to understand myself… and also to overcome myself… being more than myself… and ideally: being your mirror.

“Single Images” are images that stand alone. They can be part of a project.
“Series” are images of the same content, created in one go. They can be based on each other and tell a little story, or they can look at a mood or feeling from different perspectives. Sometimes they are part of a project, but mostly they are more spontaneous, short-term works. In itself, a series is always complete and does not require a continuation.

Series 2022

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