When I was a little child I wanted to be a princess. I wanted long beautiful hair, charming dresses, a beautiful castle. But I wanted all this not because I wanted luxury, beauty and wealth. I wanted long hair to cut it off. I wanted nice clothes in order to jump through dirt and mud … or to shred and tear them. I wanted a castle to burn it down, then run into the woods and live there in a little old cottage. I wanted to be a princess to tell the people: “I’m not interested in your crap. Fuck you!”. When I was a little child I didn’t understand that. But I think it was the dream of freedom …

(strangely confused Sunday-thoughts . I want to burn down the cities and run into the woods. Ich will die Augen schließen und die Bäume atmen. Ich will meine Finger in die Erde graben. 
I want storm… to fly away. 
I want fog… to hide.
Give me something… to destroy.)