Sometimes there is a lot of overlap between Jurljin and Cherrytree project. Maybe that’s good to think about and become clearer to myself about what the real core of the respective projects is. Maybe it’s also good to think about whether the two projects actually merge into one project at some point.
[Maybe it’s also bad because sometimes it makes me feel like my thinking doesn’t make any sense and like not understanding myself.]

Is Jurljin just a kind of sketch for “Cherrytree”? No. But it is more and exclusively related to a short-term feeling. Cherrytree involves a whole story and the setting. Maybe it is. Maybe.

[Have I started too much at once? I can’t manage to think of just one thing. To work on only one thing. To look only in one direction. It seems that I need the chaos… and at the same time it makes me despair.]