Some more pictures that I actually made for “Jurljin”, but then I liked them so much in colour that I wanted to make something out of them too.
(By the way, there was a text belonging to them, which I unfortunately deleted by mistake – it was about the feeling of the ending summer, about softly rustling leaves and dead dragonflies. Somehow also about how closely liveliness and decay lie together – or are ultimately one. But… no matter how hard I try, I can no longer find the words in my head. They are just gone…)

different versions…

And a few thoughts on the side:
A part of me hates the idea of making some (or even a lot?) of my content available only for payment in the future. (I’m very much looking for a way that money doesn’t become the deciding factor in being allowed to see my stuff).
Another part of me, however, also hates the idea of continuing giving away all for free to any idiots who don’t understand anything anyway.


“Is it important to be happy?” she asked the apple tree. And as she asked this, she thought about how happy she was sometimes. How infinitely perfectly happy she was sometimes when she was alone.
But sometimes being alone was so quiet. And the silence so oppressive. Then she sometimes turned on the radio.
Sometimes that was good.
[She liked being alone in the woods with the trees. She didn’t like being alone in the city. She didn’t like being alone among people].

Wanted to do something with these flowers. Capture the feeling of summer – still wide and warm in late July…. gentle in the mornings and evenings… oppressively hot during the day. And yet it gradually makes you feel that autumn is getting closer and closer…


And the garden gave her flowers and she spent the day with them. Enchanted by their beauty. At the end of the day, however, their beauty faded…. they grew tired. And she held them close… so tightly… and whispered “Stay awake and spend the night with me! Please don’t go away, don’t fall asleep. I want to dance with you through the summer night. Don’t leave me alone. Stay here!”…


Überall im Haus hatte sich der Duft von Sommer verbreitet. Hatte sich über die Welt gelegt.
Die Zeit schien etwas langsamer zu laufen als gewöhnlich, doch ohne Schwere zu sein. Und Hunde bellten in der Ferne, durchbrachen die Stille der Mittagssonne… in der trockene Wiesen, dösende Straßen, verschlafene Orte und staubige Feldwege ruhten.

The scent of summer had spread throughout the house. It had settled over the world.
Time seemed to run a little slower than usual, but without heaviness. And dogs barked in the distance, breaking the silence of the midday sun…. in which dry meadows, dozing roads, sleepy towns and dusty country lanes rested.

Lange nichts gepostet hier, wird ganz sicher bald wieder anders – jetzt will ich aber erstmal nur schnell ein paar Flyer hier verteilen. Weil ich in der Ausstellung dabei bin mit zwei Bildern. Und weil vielleicht mal jemand dort vorbeischauen mag. Zum Gucken. Oder Kaufen. Oder Katalog bestellen. Oder so.
Also, hier: KUNSTSALON SINE LOCO München
Online Ausstellung vom 01.06.2022 – 31.12.2022

Just want to distribute a few flyers here. Because I’m there with two pictures. And maybe someone would like to drop by there. To look. Or to buy. Or order a catalogue. Or something.
Online exhibition from 01.06.2022 – 31.12.2022)